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General Clauses

1. The Artist’s fee will be net and free of local and national taxes. The promoter is totally responsible for any and all taxes related to this appearance. Where taxes are paid in relation to the Artist the Promoter will supply Stars Agency with copies of all paperwork within 28 days of the performance. Under no circumstances may any deductions of any sort be made from the Artist’s fee.

2. The Artist and their representatives are in no way liable for any prosecutions or fines incurred as a result of illegal promotion of the show.

3. The promoter shall guarantee proper security at all times to ensure the safety of the Artist, auxiliary personnel, instruments and all equipment, costumes and personal property during and after the performance(s). Particular security must be approved to the areas of the DJ booth / stage, dressing rooms, and all exits and entrances to the auditorium and remote mixing console. Security protection to commence upon arrival of the Artist on the premises until the Artist’s departure.

4. The Artist will not be required to play for more than a total of 1,5 hour and will have a minimum set length of 1 hour.

5. Other Artists on the night will be to be approved by the Artist/Artist’s representative.

6. The Promoter to provide a full itinerary with names, addresses and phone numbers of hotels and venues, also arrival and playing times. The itinerary to be with Stars Agency no later than one month prior to the performance date.

7. The Artist needs to have a guaranteed guest list of minimum of 10 people.

8. The promoter will ensure that no recording of any sort or description and for any purposes shall be made of any part of the Artist’s performance without specific written agreement of the Artist. Unauthorized recording of the artist’s set will be considered breach of contract & the promoter will be held liable for damages.

9. The Promoter will provide first class dinner and hospitality for three persons for the duration of the Artist’s schedule. In the event that this should be in the form of a buyout it will be at a rate of Euro 50 per head per meal.

10. All passes and relevant documents needed to facilitate the easy access to all areas of the club / venue / festival, including vehicle backstage and Artist passes, to be sent to Stars Agency no later than one month prior to the performance.

11. This contract is subject to the Promoter obtaining valid work permits. The Promoter is responsible for applying, obtaining and payment for all necessary working documentation required for the performance.

12. The Promoter agrees to provide and pay during stay for a 5 (five) star hotel accommodation for the Artist + crew (inclusive of breakfast) at a mutually agreed hotel to consist of double rooms per person (for single occupancy) inclusive as directed by the Artist’s representative. The Promoter to supply the Artist representative with hotel website before any accommodation is confirmed.

13. The Promoter agrees to provide and pay for all internal transport for the Artist and equipment. This must consist of a vehicle and driver for the sole use of the Artist and will include but not be limited to transportation to airport to hotel to venue to hotel to airport.

14. This agreement shall be constructed and governed in all respects in accordance with the Laws of the Netherlands and the courts of the Netherlands shall be the court of jurisdiction.

15. It is agreed and understood that all interview and promotional requests relating to the date(s) specified on the front of this contract must have written Artist management confirmation prior to confirmation with any media party. Under no circumstances may any interview or promotional request to be confirmed with the media without the written agreement of Artist management.

16. If the Promoter cancels the performance the Artist will be entitled to 100% cancellation fee and reimbursed any other costs incurred by the Artist. The Artist strongly object to the use of the Artist name in any printed or publicity material for use at any time, either in conjunction with this performance or in the future, which has not been approved by the Artist. It is agreed and understood that the Artist name and likeness will not be used on any publicity material without the Artist’s permission or this contract will be deemed null and void with 100% of the fee payable by the promoter to the Artist.

17. In the event of illness, incapacity, appropriate union restrictions or strikes, or any other event beyond the control of the artist, including but not limited to the failure of transportation, the Artist shall not be required to perform the schedule Engagement and in that event the Artist shall not be liable in any way of any loss of whatsoever kind of nature as suffered by the promoter.

18. The Rider forms an integral part of the contract and it must be adhered to.

• International Artist Management & Booking Agency
George Formbystraat 5 •1325 CX • Almere • Netherlands
Tel +31(0) 653 777 888
E-Mail robbert@stars-agency.com • Web www.stars-agency.com
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