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Raynor Bruges X Murda

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Things have gone quick for Raynor since he started DJ-ing. After a year of practicing his skills, Raynor had built up enough confidence to spin records in front of an audience. By now Raynor Bruges is a well known artist in the Dutch DJ scene, and a very welcome guest at parties all over the country. Besides spinning he’s also very busy producing music and organizing various parties and concepts.

On the other hand we have rapper Murda. Murda is a force to be reckoned in and outside the Dutch music scene. With his work on various mixtapes and big projects, and his debut full-length album ‘De Kassier: een Monnie Album’ he’s no newbie in the music business.

And now Raynor Bruges and Murda joined forces. A versatile DJ with a rapper as hypeman, blending hiphop with a new, fresh and different style. Together they are a groundbreaking duo, with an energetic set and performance, guaranteed to turn your party up the max. With their perfect blend of vibes they already have grabbed the attention and captured the hearts of many party people all around the globe.

Raynor Bruges & Murda are fresh, exciting, fun loving and a breath of fresh air for every party around the world. Book them now and witness the wave!