We work to redefine the creative industry by harnessing our global connections and expert cultural knowledge to elevate the opportunities and lifestyles of our clients and allow them more time to enjoy the things they love.


Music is a universal means of connecting people. It is important for us that artists and brands have music that radiates their true identity. We are convinced that we can develop and realize the right sound identity for every artist and brand throughout honesty and hard work.

Stars Agency is a diversified Music and Artist company that is specialized in professionalizing Artists, Brands and Composers throughout music. Since the foundation in 2008, Stars Agency is at the beginning of the development of many international artists and brands. As a reputable company we have access to the most important parties in the international music industry. We work closely with the best composers, record labels, publishers, promoters and bookers. With a wide range of proven a-list composers we can work fast without losing any quality.



Stars Agency is devoted to enriching the lives of our clients and communities worldwide through meaningful experiences, unique creative results and unparalleled access to the universe of their talented identity.

Everyone is unique and talented in their own way, our goal is to motivate people to find their path to purpose and to get the best out of their talent/life to inspire the world with amazing opportunities and experiences.


  • Superhuman work ethic – #hustle & #grind
  • Healthy Families are the cornerstone of society
  • Do things different and better
  • Embrace the power of youth
  • Do well by doing good
  • Always maintain an underdog mentality
  • Play for legacy – chess not checkers
  • Find your meaning and make it count
  • Empower others, make leaders
  • Why be normal?