Stars Agency | Pitbull Invites Alvaro To A Private Party In Miami/USA Tour
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Pitbull Invites Alvaro To A Private Party In Miami/USA Tour

Miami 2011 has definitely being a succes for Alvaro thanks to his supporters, his team and Pitbull’s camp.

After getting some gig requests in the USA and an personal invitation from Pitbull to his party, Alvaro took off to Miami.

Pitbull released his track ‘Bon Bon’ using Alvaro’s bootleg of ‘We No Speak Americano’ a while ago, however when watching the video you will be glad to know that Pitbull was able to make amends to the prior ‘miscommunication’.

At a perfect location, It was in a beautiful mansion (with the view on the skyline of Miami with many nice “visuals”) that Pitbull stated he and Alvaro will combine forces within the next couple of releases.
We must say that this was a good ending for everyone involved with the release of ‘Bon Bon’.
Not only are we impressed with Pitbull and how he handled the situation, we find it very excited to see what will happen with this collaboration of Pitbull and Alvaro in the near future.

After an invitation and having a successful tour in the US – Miami, Phoenix & El Paso we are glad to offer you this video of Alvaro.

You can also find a preview of a new track produced by Alvaro and Artistic Raw in the aftermovie. Stay tuned for more additions and news from Stars Agency.